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    • ns1 qnbdbk cl 34 new-standard-full-queen-bed-condit-charcoal-black
    • ns1 qnbdwh cl 34 new-standard-full-queen-bed-condit-charcoal-white
    • ns1 qnbdbk gy 34 new-standard-full-queen-bed-condit-silver-grey-black
    • ns1 qnbdwh gy 34 new-standard-full-queen-bed-condit-silver-grey-white
    • ns1 qnbdbk nv 34 new-standard-full-queen-bed-edwards-navy-black
    • ns1 qnbdwh nv 34 new-standard-full-queen-bed-edwards-navy-black
    • ns1 qnbdbk br 34 new-standard-full-queen-bed-thurmond-wheat-black
    • ns1 qnbdwh br 34 new-standard-full-queen-bed-thurmond-wheat-white
    • ns1 qnbdbk cl new-standard-full-queen-bed-condit-charcoal-black
    • ns1 qnbdwh cl new-standard-full-queen-bed-condit-charcoal-white
    • ns1 qnbdbk cl side new-standard-full-queen-bed-condit-charcoal-black
    • ns1 qnbdwh cl side new-standard-full-queen-bed-condit-charcoal-white
    • ns1 qnbdbk gy new-standard-full-queen-bed-condit-silver-grey-black
    • ns1 qnbdbk gy side new-standard-full-queen-bed-condit-silver-grey-black
    • ns1 qnbdwh gy new-standard-full-queen-bed-condit-silver-grey-white
    • ns1 qnbdwh gy side new-standard-full-queen-bed-condit-silver-grey-white
    • ns1 qnbdbk nv new-standard-full-queen-bed-edwards-navy-black
    • ns1 qnbdbk nv side new-standard-full-queen-bed-edwards-navy-black
    • ns1 qnbdwh nv new-standard-full-queen-bed-edwards-navy-white
    • ns1 qnbdwh nv side new-standard-full-queen-bed-edwards-navy-black
    • ns1 qnbdbk br new-standard-full-queen-bed-thurmond-wheat-black
    • ns1 qnbdbk br side new-standard-full-queen-bed-thurmond-wheat-black
    • ns1 qnbdwh br new-standard-full-queen-bed-thurmond-wheat-white
    • ns1 qnbdwh br side new-standard-full-queen-bed-thurmond-wheat-white
    • ns1 qnbdwh br slats new-standard-full-queen-bed-thurmond-wheat-white

New Standard Queen Bed



Upholstered headboard and side rails come together with tuned proportions and show stopping legs. The thick headboard features a gentle recline that is subtle and simple, without putting you to sleep (unless that's what you're going for.) Available in twin, full, queen and king sizes, and in multiple fabrics and two leg finishes to suit any space.

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New Standard Queen Bed:
•  Padded solid hardwood & plywood frame
•  White or Black powder-coated steel legs
•  Condit Charcoal and Condit Silver Grey: 100% polyester upholstery
•  Edwards Navy: 28% wool / 70% acrylic / 2% nylon blend upholstery
•  Thurmond Wheat: 60% wool / 40% rayon blend upholstery
•  Assembly required

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