Basis Small Privacy Panel

No peeking. Soft molded felt panels eliminate the need to pretend you’re busy. A visually appealing corrugated design tunes out background noise and chatty neighbors, so you can finally get some privacy, dammit. Perfect partner to Strut Table. Available in small, medium overhang panels.
Basis Dark Navy
Basis Blue
Basis Light Grey


  • Define a work area and increase personal space in open settings
  • Simply stands up on desk and tabletops
  • Absorbs and dampens ambient noise
  • Molded felt panel surface
  • Made from 100% recycled PET felt; due to this nature the color may vary slightly between panels
  • Can be cleaned with damp cloth
  • Some assembly required
BS1-28PRIV-NV Basis Dark Navy $149.00 $119.20
BS1-28PRIV-BL Basis Blue $149.00 $119.20
BS1-28PRIV-GY Basis Light Grey $149.00 $119.20