Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We design everything we make.

Blu Dot was founded over twenty years ago by designers. We built a business to support our design habit and to have control of the entire process, from product development through to the customer experience. Everything that we make and sell was designed right here, in our studio, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.


Our designs are truly within reach.

Our goal from the very beginning was to democratise good design - to create affordable, unique designs with top-notch quality and no attitude. While we realise that what's affordable to some is not affordable to others, we strive for the quality in design, materials and fabrication that's comparable to our high-end European competitors at prices that might surprise you.


You will never read an email subject line like this from Blu Dot.

Every new design earns its place in our line up. Who really needs 40 sofa designs to choose from? Can they all be good? Our goal is to design pieces that endure. Some of our most popular pieces today were part of our first collection created over 20 years ago. We hesitate to call anything an "icon", but we're working on it!

We're a mule. Not a unicorn.

We started our business with $50,000 of our own savings and built Blu Dot the old school way – slow and steady. You will not find venture capitalists and absurd "valuations" anywhere near Blu Dot. We believe the best brands and the strongest cultures take time to create. No getting around it.


We're human.

If there is ever an issue with your Blu Dot purchase - no matter what the cause - we are here to make it right. And when you call, you'll actually talk to a real live human. If you're not super-jazzed, we're not super-jazzed.

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